AI Rapid Temperature Screening System

Wallie Screen(TC-800)

Wallie Screen combines AI Rapid Temperature Screening System with real-time infrared and visible temperature detection. By AI technology, it can deliver accurate detection and high specification. Also, it can be integrated with mask screening, facial recognition, and access control to combine with other existing systems and save the cost for users.
For the abnormal temperature, it will have a screenshot, audio alarm, and a video recording that can help users to trace back.It is widely used in domestic and global large institutions such as hospitals, schools, government institutions, department stores, large companies. To conquer the pandemic and support the reopening, it’s the necessary equipment that can help to prevent a cluster infection, moreover, to make sure the business operation and safety.
Visible and Infrared Image Output with High Resolution
Highest and Lowest Temperature Trace and Highlight
AI Algorithm for Multiple Faces Temperature Detection at the same time
Audio alarm, screen shot, and video recording for abnormal temperature
Remote Monitoring: Real-time Photo Transmission
Mask Screening and Recognition
Upgrade: Facial Recognition, Access Control, and Temperature Screening


Audio alarm, screen shot, and video recording for abnormal temperature

Mask Screening and Recognition

AI Algorithm for Multiple Faces Temperature Detection at the same time

Remote Monitoring: Real-time Photo Transmission

Combine with mask screening, facial recognition, and access control

Accuracy >96% while wearing the mask

O-Ring Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (Model NO: HSD-800)

The latest anti-epidemic product against COVID-19

O-Ring automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a new disinfection machine. It has three advantages: fast, safe, and convenient. During the epidemic prevention, even there is lots of restriction like quarantine, people can still have high quality life. Putting the palm into the infrared sensing area, it can immediately sense and evenly spray the liquid on the palm. However, it will not sense when the face is close to avoid splashing the disinfectant on the child's face or eyes.
The two-direction design can match the movement of people. Besides, with the specially designed impact-resistant base, the maximum tilt of 45-degree angle can be restored to the stand mode. With the low power consumption of only two 9-volt alkaline batteries used, the power can be used for 25,000 times or up to 150 days of sleep mode. The voltage/liquid level status is indicated by lights. Moreover, the macaron color makes the epidemic prevention products more elegant and fashionable! It is suitable for places which has crowd movement such as exhibitions, hospitals, department stores, or entrances and exits. O-Ring brings you a healthy, safe and convenient new life.
Auto Sleep/Auto Start
High Sensitivity
Safe for Children
Precise Spraying
Low Power Consumption
Simple and Convenient

Uniiform is an innovative solution

The purpose of Uniiform is to assist users to complete the work efficiently so the time and effort can be saved. Uniiform can support multiple devices, not only smartphones but also tablets and laptops can be assisted. Besides, Uniiform can run on different platforms including iOS and Android.

Uniiform can be applied in a wide range of industries, for instance, medical center, banking, delivery service, agriculture, fishing industry, factory, and other alike. Therefore, it is clear that Uniiform is our best office assistant that always help us to target our work precisely and immediately.

Uniiform supports multiple devices
Uniiform provides unique service and can be adopted in different occasions and industries

Einthoven Health Sensation System

Einthoven is a product that can be used to measure continuous data (i.e. heart rate), and it has the features to monitor patients' data and display it on an electrocardiogram. One of the greatest features of Einthoven is that it has the alarm to remind patients if any urgent situation happens.

Two major parts are composed in Einthoven including its sensors and the host. The Einthoven sensor can be attached to the human's left chest and as there is a micro-chip inside the product. When patients apply Einthoven, it can transmit the data to iOS devices via Bluetooth technology. Once the data is sent to the iOS devices, the data will be preserved on the iOS devices. Furthermore, the users (or patients) can decide whether they want to upload the data to the database manually or not. Einthoven can be used at the home, office, or any medical center according to users' needs.

Continuous Data Monitoring up to 72 hours
Data Connected via Bluetooth Technology (BLE)
Disposable Patch
Waterproof – IP33 (Can Take Shower with it without any Concern)
Fall detection, Body Temperature and Breath Detection
Real-time Detection for 11 Types of Irregular Arrhythmia
Cloud Database Storage and Analysis
Patent and TFDA marketing license
Data Stream Gateway

DS-100A / DS-100B / DS-3000

DS Gateway is a digital data upload system with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE wireless technology. The system can retrieve data from medical equipment (patient monitor, anesthesia machine, dialysis machine, ventilator, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), etc.). After data analysis, the data can be uploaded to the medical information system by wireless and wired networks.

Medical equipment data retrieve and decode
Upload data to information system wirelessly
On-line state and transmission state reminder
Temporary data storage and retransmission if failure
Support augmentation devices such as card readers and NFC

VOTEM Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

VOTEM Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor can record and chart the vital signs immediately and accurately without duplication and redundancy. Traditionally, the system of the central station is autonomous. The existing patient monitor and ventilator cannot be directly integrated with the central station. ACE Biotek provides a “Total Solution” to integrate the Uniiform smart handwriting system, smart data stream system, and ventilator. The biosignal data can be spontaneously uploaded to and saved in the central station and health information system to achieve digitalization and paper-free. The solution combines with the digitalized nursing form that receives patient information and machine data periodically for hands-free operation, to simplify the patient care process and reduce human error and cost.
VP-700 (7")
VP-1000 (10.4")
VP-1200 (12.1")
Integrate the machine biosignal data
Reduce human error and time
Integrate patient medical records
Enhance medical information digitalization
Enhance medical care quality
Acquire patient medical records easily
Immediate availability on EMR
Enhance clinical decision-making
Facilitate access and diagnostic

Smart Patient Anesthesia Recording Kit

This system combines with Data Stream system. Without changing the behaviors of users, the system collects, digitalizes, and analyzes data before the operation, operation, and post-operation intuitively and simply. The system can support most of medical equipment such as anesthesia machines and patient monitors. It can upload and record data automatically to save time, make sure accuracy, and upload anesthesia data and events periodically.

This system can replace traditional paperwork with an iPad to provide digitalized anesthesia forms. The interface of the iPad is easy for users to understand. This can reveal data and an interactive operation interface. In addition, the interface is flexible to combine with Apple Pencil for additional information, drawings, or signature to connect to HIS/CIS/LIS. Also, it can collect patient information about surgery and medicine. All the information can be searched and downloaded by Web platform. This upload solution can also apply in many departments such as hemodialysis and Respiratory Care Ward (RCW).

Best Handwriting Experience
Digitalized Form
Simple Interface
Web Platform Preservation

Eagle Park 100 Smart Ophthalmology Recording System

The traditional ophthalmology examination process contains medical records delivered to the examination room by human resources. After that, the thermal paper that printed the prescription will be pasted on the medical records. However, the process is time-consuming and cannot be maintained forever. The Eagle Park 100 system uses an iPad to connect to an ophthalmic instrument. The system can also be logged in by a health insurance card or scan a patient's number. The system will link the patient list directly. The iPad will show patient information and examination data. To achieve data digitalization and be paperless, printing out thermal paper is needless.

In the clinic, the doctor can review examination data from the system directly. To combine with Uniiform Smart Handwriting System of desktop or iPad, the examination data and analysis result will be directly uploaded to the server for preservation. The paper scan is needless. In this way, this saves the cost and time for medical staff.

Hospital - Digitalized, paperless
Medical Staff - Save the review time
Medical Records Department - Reduce the medical records delivery and archive process
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