AI Rapid Temperature Screening System

Walle Screen(TC-800)

Walle Screen combines AI Rapid Temperature Screening System, equipped with real-time infrared body temperature, high-resolution, and mask automatic recognition dual-system screening function equipment. When an abnormal temperature is found during the real-time temperature detection, the automatic photo can be taken and warning functions will be activated.
In addition to facial recognition and temperature measurement, Walle Screen can also automatically detect whether the face is wearing a mask. It is equipped with cross-platform real-time remote monitoring, which can activate the use of equipment during non-epidemic times and reduce the possibility of on-site disease infection.
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Visible and Infrared Image Output
Highest Temperature Trace and Highlight
Multiple Faces Temperature Detection at the same time
Automatic Abnormal Temperature Alarm and Image Capture
Web Server for Remote Abnormal Temperature Monitoring
AI Algorithm for Multiple Faces and Masks Detection


Automatic Abnormal Temperature Alarm and Image Capture

AI Algorithm for Multiple Faces and Masks Detection

Multiple Faces Temperature Detection at the same time

Web Server for Remote Abnormal Temperature Monitoring


Uniiform is an innovative solution

The purpose of Uniiform is to assist users to complete the work efficiently so the time and effort can be saved. Uniiform can support multiple devices, not only smartphones but also tablets and laptops can be assisted. Besides, Uniiform can run on different platforms including iOS and Android.

Uniiform can be applied in a wide range of industries, for instance, medical center, banking, delivery service, agriculture, fishing industry, factory, and other alike. Therefore, it is clear that Uniiform is our best office assistant that always help us to target our work precisely and immediately.

Uniiform supports multiple devices
Uniiform provides unique service and can be adopted in different occasions and industries

Einthoven Sensors

Einthoven is a product that can be used to measure continuous data (i.e. heart rate), and it has the features to monitor patients' data and display it on an electrocardiogram. One of the greatest features of Einthoven is that it has the alarm to remind patients if any urgent situation happens.

Two major parts are composed in Einthoven including its sensors and the host. The Einthoven sensor can be attached to the human's left chest and as there is a micro-chip inside the product. When patients apply Einthoven, it can transmit the data to iOS devices via Bluetooth technology. Once the data is sent to the iOS devices, the data will be preserved on the iOS devices. Furthermore, the users (or patients) can decide whether they want to upload the data to the database manually or not. Einthoven can be used at the home, office, or any medical center according to users' needs.

Continuous Data Monitoring up to 72 hours
Data Connected via Bluetooth Technology (BLE)
Disposable Patch
Waterproof – IP33 (Can Take Shower with it without any Concern)
Fall detection, Body Temperature and Breath Detection
Real-time Detection for 11 Types of Irregular Arrhythmia
Cloud Database Storage and Analysis
Patent and TFDA marketing license
Smart Data Stream System

DS-100A / DS-600A

DS is a Data Stream System with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE wireless technology. It can be directly bridged with instruments through ethernet cable (RJ45 interface) to wirelessly upload data to the particular IP-based server.

Easy to connect with instruments
5V USB-type Power Supply
1T1R 802.11n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
10/ 100M Ethernet
LED Indicator (Connection Status)
Bluetooth 5.0 and 3G/4G LTE extension
Virtual PACS/CPU Server for Data Buffer
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